WOW!! Kele, I am soooo excited to hear the rest of the album. I read the review on the album and I just know I am going to LOVE the CD!!


I can’t stop hitting the play button!


Love it!! New favourite song (until the album is released)


Sounds amazing and I can’t wait for the album! Definite buy. Glad you got to try something new and fresh and I hope it goes well!

amazing track!
while the digital version is nice for now, i can’t wait to get a proper 12″ of it ;)

looking forward to see you live in cologne!



thx for this quicly post with the tracks !

My bedroom is officially one of those dancefloors :D

“France is wainting you kele ! come to rock us ;)


Hot….and I’m not just talking about the track! :-)


this song is so amazing cant stop wont stop love/enjoy/obsessed/amazed/damn right kick ass single


this song is everything i wanted it to be. i cant wait for the rest of the album and i cant wait for bloc party to get back in the studio and make music this world has never even dreamed of


Whatever you touch turns to gold. Please don’t ever stop making music.


I’m guessing the name is inspired by the Chromeo song? I loved the Etienne de Crécy Remix.

Brilliant! I cannot wait to hear the album.


This is sick! I love it!

GREAT!!! looks like i have a new favourite song!!!


was worried it might not be great. never been more glad to be wrong. Really liked it.


Wow Kele… nice… looking forward to the album… loved silent alarm and this has the energy i’ve been missing from the recent two Bloc party albums… brilliant

Nice Kele. Amazing work, especially cuz you did rock-music before.
I just began with making music, here is my first simple song:


Aaron M

This is fantastic!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Krystle Block

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh my god! *high five* Kele, that rocked! Seriously, I’m so excited to dance my ass off at your show in Dublin!

I think you are one of them. Them, yeah, those fantastic guys who make my life brighter. A big thank you, can’t wait for the debut.


holy awesomeness… Vinyl release???

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I love it! Sounds a bit like “Wearing My Rolex” by Wiley


You nailed it!! So looking forward to the album.
I absolutely love it. Such a great beat, fantastic energy, and I always enjoy your voice. I really respect how you can mix things up and do different styles or sounds; and regardless it always sounds phenomenal and makes me want to move/sing.
That is what music is all about.
Well done.. as usual :)


Cooooooooooool !!! I like it ! KISS/KISS/KISS CONGRATULATIONS!!!

<3 u don't let down

Great! I wait your album! Greetings from Russia! :)


Kele, you are a TRUE MUSICIAN. So much respect for you and your work. I hope this goes big cause you truly deserve it.

I’m seriously excited about the album. It’s definitely in my personal most-expected-releases-of-2010 top three. If the rest of the album is as good as this, things are lookin’ pretty good for the album, I’d say.


Ayo Kele!
First of all: Good Job! I’m looking forward to more proves of your awesomeness without BP.
Could you please post the lyrics of Tenderoni here on I am Kele? I love singing to BP’s songs and I would like to continue to do so with yours.


Loveeeee this far too much.
Been spreading the word to all my friends too:)


Shit makes me want to dance.. Great


good beats! better than the weak radio ‘dance’ songs lately for sureeee!!!

dale em

Love it dude, love it. Didnt know what to expect, was worried the high, no highest standards, that you and bloc party have reached might not be reachable solo, but its awesome man, different in the best way, and f*ckin love it! YES! c u in oz soon.


First off love the song its epic!!! And i wanna no when your making it back to Australia for another tour cause the bp concert rocked so much !!! But its been way to long and cant wait for the album to be released:)


Love it!

WHOA!!!! This is just so DAMN great, I loooove it !!
Can’t wait to catch U in Cologne !


OH SHIT! so good! :D

I’m seriously loving the first single, Kele and can’t wait to see you perform in NY during August :)


Wow Tenderoni is absolutly awesome, I just keep playing it over and over, the chorus is just fantastic.
Love the clip to the dancer’s moves are shit hot!
Well done Kele!!!!

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