rise and walk tall:two new songs by KELE

Rise by keleokereke

Walk Tall by keleokereke


Ganesha Lockhart

Wicked songs :)
Are they going to be on the album?!

I want this album… NOW!!

Tom Bird

Kele, you never cease to amaze me. ‘Rise’ is just magical!


AMAZING! I have never looked forward to an album this much in my life!


Leeds Fest is gonna be immense with these absolute tunes on the go!!


Kele The 2 New Songs are Amazing!!!
Walk Tall reminds me a bit of Ares and Rise has that Sign feeling but at the same time some Tenderoni!! :)
Really good songs!!! you have to come to Houston , Texas!!! please!!!!


know i’m not the first to say it, & it probably doesn’t mean much, but i love these!
don’t stop! : )

expectedly great! :)

Really enjoyed “Rise”. Great track. Good luck with the new album.


Yes they are.

Sounds great Kele, looking forward to the album.


“rise” seriously just made my week… the title really suits the song, rising upwards into a dancey mesh of pure power awesomeness… and the female vocalist was a nice surprise.
bloc party meets like late of the pier… i absolutely fucking love it!
“You are stronger than you think!!!!” :D

admitedly walk tall we take a few listens but it is definitely more than promising! it is definitely very, very ctachy though!

Kele push that album release that forward a month please… i officially cannot wait!! :D :D

Krystle Block

Ah! Rise is beautiful. Like so many of your songs, that one touches my soul.



Rise reminds me so much of The Glove! WOW! I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album :)

Amazing stuff!


Hey Kele…

I agree with the poster “Henry” and hope you’ll add more US dates in the year, including Houston, Texas. I have never seen BP live, but I hope I can at least see you. Your debut will be amazing!


Wow!!! I love Walk Tall! It sounds awesome with the volume up all the way. I really cannot wait for this album! and you should make your way somewhere near Texas(houston/DALLAS/austin) if not thats fine, I’ll drive to Chicago… =]


Wow I’m blown away….I am totally in love with Walk Tall. I could totally rave to it while pulling some R n B moves out!

Rise reminds me of signs…….It’s beautiful….

Amazing kele….you’re just too perfect!!

XX Can’t wait to see you!


Siit!!! This so made my day. Can’t wait for a whole album.

[...] unknown wrote an interesting post today Here’s a quick excerpt Kele The 2 New Songs are Amazing!!! Walk Tall reminds me a bit of Ares and Rise has that Sign feeling but at the same time some Tenderoni!! Really good songs!!! you have to come to Houston , Texas!!! please! … [...]

I like your songs, if possible, come and tour in Portugal :D


Ben Vincenti

Don’t you sense a little (old) David Bowie feel in Rise? :)


LOVE the 3 tracks ive heard Kele cant wait for your album and to see you live in sheff & leeds X


That’s just made my day :) Thanks!


This page is being refresed after every time ive listened to rise, i love your lyrics.


These are great. Can’t wait to see you at the 9:30 Club in DC in August!


Rise is awwweeeesssssommee. 6/22 can’t come any sooner, good job Kele!!

dale em

Whether in Bloc Party or now on your own, your lyrics articulate feelings and thoughts I have that would prob stay inside forever if it werent for you, they’d prob give me estrogen or skin failure or some other rare desease if it wasnt for Kele. Bloc Party and now Kele songs give hope, conjur emotions and move feet, u rock Kele, see you down under some time this year I hope mate. Rise gives me strength. Peace Kele! x


amasing! One thing, Kele, you can’t imagin how it was the right moment for me to listen to rise. With you, I am stronger than I think…


you challenge me to be a better listener… I felt that with Bloc Party too. It is so exciting to listen to a song several times and with each listen to hear something new. love it!!!


Come to Russia, Kele!!! Please= )


Great songs Kele! Your songs made me feel a little better at the end of a bad day. :)


I loooooove it!!I’m just waiting for this album! Love Kele and his music!
MERCI! :-)


Such good songs, so nice to listen to after a hard day of work – thank’s for being a fabulous artist


Swing by roskilde festival,tak : )

Iain O' L

Cork show was magic,

Thanks Kele :)




Great Work Kele! I Love how Rise builds towards the end and gets dirty ha Great Work! But I expect nothing less! Keep it up :)

Take me Kele, I’m yours

Wing Man

Where’s my credit card. Gotta make that preorder pronto. You rule Kele!


omg this is siiiiick as :D :D AWESOME SONG !!!!


Loving the un expected drop in rise, brilliant stuff!!

Frank O G

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMnFl_DH0QY guys i was at his first solo concert ever!!! heres one of my videos from such an epic night!!!!!


I thought Ion Square was the best song I’d ever heard until Rise. How do you do it?



Come back to the Marquee theatre in Phoenix Arizona please play Skeleton such a poetic soul

they’re GGGreat!


awesome as alway with kele luv it x x x


wen u back in the midlands (birmingham)those ywo songs have just blowen my mind. the b-line on on walk tall is crazy please say there’s more like that on the album
but for real you need to get back to the midlands soon we miss you

Solid songs, love them both. I can’t wait for the album and your show in Toronto!

If only I had a nickel for every time I came to iamkele.com… Incredible post!

You have done it again! Incredible post.

[...] Hace un mes que Kele Okereke viene adelantando material de su nuevo disco en su sitio oficial y vía Twitter. Primero fue “Tenderoni”, el primer single del disco con video incluido, siguió el arte de tapa y los temas Rise y Walk Tall. [...]

jeff sullivan

Hi Kele. Im the guy who crashed backstage at boston to meet you. Im jeff sullivan. I just wanted to say how much your music has inspired me. I always liked bands like the cure and new order but was always doing a punk like metal. I started listening to Bloc Party about a year and a half ago. Then purchased every album or song of you i could find. My outlook on life has changed, not as dark, as i felt i could really relate to your stories and experiences. I have since got married, had a cash windfall, and now have my first child at 39. I am now doing solo stuff and will be on itunes in 2 mo.

jeff sullivan

Your show in boston was unbelievable. You will see me from time to time in different parts of the world supporting your music. Hopefully i will not be as drunk when i meet you the next time. I will continue to support you,your music,and help bring it to the masses. I just wanted to thank you for a different kind of inspiration because my mind is strong and not easily twisted. I hope you get your freedom onstage if bloc party gets back, aka play guitar when you want etc. I will still buy everything you do, solo or with bloc. PS a show in Lowell, Ma would be sweet. We have a big venue here. My limo cost and drinks 600 ouch. Seeing you live and getting to meet you was worth every penny. Fucking Priceless.

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