i read the news today, oh boy!

hello internet

i have to be quick as i have to check out in 5 min and i still sitting in my towel and im dripping all over my laptop but i have to explain something. i did an interview for triple JJJ in australia where i talked rather absentmindedly about the future of bloc party. i want to make it clear that i want another BP record as much as anyone, it really just depends on us being inspired together as a band.

the reason we made FOUR was because it came so easily that it just made sense. we only finished this record a few months ago so right now we are all pretty much exhausted, we havent felt the need to start writing any new music. i know this will change once we go on tour, because this is how we have always felt after every record. you get inspired by what you see and hear on the road, its part of the process, so dont stress internet, i am sure that once we start touring we will start writing again and once we start writing there will be a record in some form i guarantee.

anyway, lets not get carried away, FOUR is out next month so there will be plenty of new music coming round the corner!


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Chris LaJaunie

whew – glad that was cleared up. New record is tremendous. Saw the final night of the New York gigs at Terminal 5 – absolutely fantastic energy. The world could use many more Bloc Party records. Keep ‘em coming…

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